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  Autosend - download
    Autosend is written in java so it should work on all OS : windows, linux, unix... In order to work under all these OS, the program needs a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Autosend is using SUN's (the creators of Java) virtual machine, it is just like a normal program that needs to be installed before Autosend, you do not have to care about it afterwards. Autosend is packaged in two ways, one including the virtual machine and one without it (if you have already installed it once). If you are unsure when installing SUN virtual machine, uncheck the box "Integrate in Internet explorer". You can also delete the "Java webstart" shortcut on your desktop.

    If you want to be informed of Autosend releases, you may want to subscribe to our newsletter. To subscribe or unsubscribe just go here and fill the box at the top right of the page. No more than one mail by month.

    Current version is 2.7 (22:07:2005)(dd:mm:yyyy)

    Download Autosend for Windows (exe installer) (including SUN International java virtual machine)  about 15 MB, for those who do not already have SUN JVM installed (version 1.4 or above needed)

    Download Autosend for Windows (exe installer) (SUN java virtual machine already installed on your computer) about 2 MB.

    If you do not know if you have SUN java virtual machine installed on your computer choose the first link.

    If you want to be up to date download directly the latest JRE from SUN web site and install it, then download the compact version of Autosend and install it.

    If you want to run Autosend on another OS, contact me, I will send you the needed files.

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