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  Autosend - good links
    Here are some good links to share with you :

    - tips for coders, examples (java, java script, wsh...)

    - add skins to your java applications, make themes yourself easily to customize the application

    - Jexegen it's a free soft by Microsoft that changes your .class java files into a windows .exe. Microsoft Java virtual machine must be installed on your computer for the exe to work.

    - Rarsoft an excellent compression tool. It can compress your files, split them into small pieces and even make a self extracting archive. I can be used in Autosend if you want to compress and split files. (Autosend has an internal splitter but it makes no compression). Better than Winzip !

    - it's a free http tunnel for those who do not have a direct connection to internet but can access the web. Thanks to this you can have access to all internet services even if you are behind a proxy that only let you make http.

    - web2pop is a shareware that lets you access a webmail as if it were a pop account. It will help you use a web account with Autosend.

    - Trayicon is a utility that lets you put your java applications in the system tray under Microsoft Windows, totally freeware